TEMPCORE Technology: A new era in Steel Sector begins in Bangladesh

In developing countries like Bangladesh steel is a thrust sector as building material where rapid development works are going on to reach their goal to be developed. Various researches are going on in steel sector to meet the customer requirements such as higher strength reducing weight structure, higher elongation, higher thermal stability, better corrosion resistance together with excellent weldability. Moreover in the same time, customers ask for limited extra cost. Considering the above, the latest technology entered in Bangladesh is TEMPCORE Process in making MS Rod.

TEMPCORE process essentially consists of a special heat treatment from the heat of rolling. The steel bar leaving the last stand of a hot rolling mill passes through a special water cooling system where a surface layer of the steel bar quenched into martensite, the core remaining austenitic. The name TEMPCORE was chosen to illustrate the fact that the outside layer(martensite) is tempered by the heat which is left inside the core after interruption of the quenching stage.

TEMPCORE standards certification given sole authority is CRM(Center de Recherche Metallurgigues), Belgium. CRM is mainly a metallurgical research&development center continuously providing most advanced technology to world’s steel giants like ArcelorMittal, Tata Steel. TATA TISCON,India’s most famous MS Bar manufacturer is licensed as TEMPCORE from CRM,Belgium which is first TMT plant in India.

TEMPCORE license is distinguished from THERMEX(Another TMT Bar licensing company) for TMT
MS Bar production in the following aspects:

1.TEMPCORE is globally recognized whereous THERMEX is Primarily in India, Germany & South East Asia.
2.TEMPCORE is issued only from Belgium, THERMEX can be issued from India also besides others.

Following are the benefits of TEMPCORE Technology:

1.Lowers Steel Consumption
2.International Quality Steel product at local affordable prices
3.High weldability and ductility
4.High yield strength with high elongation
5.High thermal stability
6.Better corrosion resistance
7.Better resistance of fatigue
8.Most suited for seismic zones as nearly 60% of Bangladesh falls in high seismic hazard category.

Recently Baizid Steel Industries Ltd. Chittagong,Bangladesh has got the license of CRM for producing QST500+ TMT Bar which is first in Bangladesh to get such globally recognized license in steel sector.